3 Ways You Will Feel More at Home in Off Campus Housing Next Semester

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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Even though you may only be staying in town temporarily while you pursue your degree, you should try to feel at home in your rental unit. That’s a little more difficult when you’re surrounded by other campus buildings and students who are constantly coming and going. However, when you stay off campus in University of Oklahoma student apartments, you’ll find that it’s easier to build a real home for yourself.

Decorate Your Own Apartment

An off-campus apartment is typically larger than on campus units, giving you more room to enjoy. In addition to having the ability to spread out and relax, you can decorate your apartment however you choose. This is an opportunity to express yourself in a creative way and create an environment in which you can feel welcomed.

Enjoy a Broad Range of Amenities

Property managers want their tenants to feel comfortable in their new homes, so they offer a broad range of amenities for everyone to enjoy. While each community is different, most offer fitness centers, swimming pools, and picnic areas. You can find more amenities to enjoy, such as business centers and basketball courts, in some off campus communities.

Adopt a Pet

You can bring home a four-legged companion when you rent off campus University of Oklahoma student apartments that allow pets. You might be surprised to find that there are many pet-friendly communities in the area. This will give you some company when your friends are busy or you’re stuck home studying.

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