3 Tips for Searching for Student Apartments Near UGA Campus

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Student Housing Center

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Finding a suitable student apartment near your university can be difficult, especially if you are looking for the perfect UGA student apartments. Here are 3 tips that will help make your search easier!

Do Not Limit Yourself to Just One Area

Do not limit yourself to just one area. It is always best to look at apartments near your university first, but don’t be afraid to explore other areas as well! You might find an even better place that you never would have found if you hadn’t looked!

When exploring areas outside of your university, make sure to take a look at public transportation routes. If the price is close enough and there are good bus or train lines that can get you back home in an hour or two every day, this might be worth considering as well.

Be Sure to Look at All Types of Apartments

Be sure to look at all types of apartments. There are plenty of types for you to choose from: studio, one-bedroom, two bedrooms, and even three bedrooms! Regardless of the size or budget that you have in mind, there is an apartment out there waiting for your money and attention. It will be worth it when you find a place that is perfect for you!

Consider How Long You Plan on Staying in This Apartment

For those seeking short-term accommodation in Athens, consider Lark Athens. Located near campus or the downtown area, Lark Athens offers convenient living options for students or anyone staying for a single year. Living close to campus or downtown can ease the transition when school ends, making it simpler to find another place that’s both convenient and affordable. With Lark Athens, you can ensure your college experience feels worthwhile without the stress of relocation at the end of the year.