Should You Really Consider Student Apartments Near the ASU Campus?

College is considered a rite of passage for millions of Americans as they leave high school, and these young adults stay busy and excited by filling out applications and figuring out where they want to attend school. Many will opt for Arizona State University (ASU), for a wide range of reasons. Though for students in this area, most typically believe they’ll have to stay in a cramped dorm room. Luckily, this isn’t exactly true. You can actually say in student apartments near the ASU campus, and here are some reasons you might prefer to do just that.

Roomier Than Dorms

One of the biggest issues that students find with dorm room living is that there isn’t nearly enough room. Generally speaking, it’s a relatively small square space that has two beds and possibly two desks. That’s about it. Some might set up a hot plate or a microwave and a mini fridge, but there is no kitchen. Most don’t even have bathrooms. Student apartments are legitimate apartments, and so these worries of limited space aren’t really present.

A Lot More Privacy

You can live in student apartments near the ASU campus with roommates if you want, but you certainly don’t have to. Though regardless of who you’re living with, the fact is that an apartment offers up far more privacy than living in a dorm. You won’t have to go use public bathrooms, for starters, and many apartments in the area are so roomy that you can do your laundry in the apartment, which is a huge bonus. The extra privacy is something many appreciate.

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