Factors to Consider When Looking for University Of Georgia Student Housing

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Student Housing Center

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Getting the right accommodation is one important thing in college life. Therefore, if you are admitted to the University Of Georgia (UGA), it’s essential that you make the right choices of where you would want to stay as a student. But how do you get the right University Of Georgia student housing? Well, the following pointers will be of great help:

Proximity to University

The first and important factor to consider before looking for University Of Georgia student housing is the location. How close is the housing located to the college? Preferably, you need to consider student housing that is located close to the school. You don’t want to commute for long to and from the campus as it may be tedious.

Safety and Security

Other than the location, the other important deciding factor is security. Usually, there are student accommodations that are safe and secure than others. Therefore, before you select a particular housing, you need to check the building’s security details such as CCTV cameras, lock types and other security measures. Since you will be putting your valuables in the residents, security will be a serious concern.

The Type of Accommodation

At Lark Athens, University Of Georgia student housing is designed to provide a myriad of conveniences to students. In many cases, the most common types of accommodation you will find include boarding halls and apartments. Depending on your level of privacy, you can choose apartments where you stay alone. Otherwise, if privacy is a lesser concern, you can opt for boarding halls where you can optimize your interactions.