Activities You Can Do at University of Mississippi Off Campus Housing

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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If you’re heading to college soon and enjoy filling your day with fun activities, then the University of Mississippi off campus housing might be right for you. In fact, you can play sand volleyball on the court or read a book in your townhome or apartment. Here are a few more entertaining activities you can do to pass the time.

Do Yoga or Pilates

Yoga can improve sleep quality, strength and flexibility while Pilates can aid in balancing muscular strength in the body, among other things. Besides this, it can be exciting to learn a new exercise or yoga pose. Those who’d like to participate in these activities can go to the Yoga and Pilates Studio.

Head to the Dog Park

Since there’s a dog park at off campus housing, you can take your pooch here. This can be a safe place for you and your pet to spend quality time on a regular basis. Not only can Fido get some exercise but you both can have fun in the process.

Try the Resort-Style Pool

Seeing a resort-style pool every day can give you motivation. Indeed, having a pool near you can help you get in shape, improve your health and gain inspiration for school. Besides this, you can lay next to it and get a tan.

When you attend a university, you’re probably looking forward to a better life. And you can make this happen by considering the University of Mississippi off campus housing. Contact Archive Oxford today.