Reasons to Consider Having a Pet in Your Madison Apartment

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Student Housing Center

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Living in an apartment as a student comes with good things compared to being in a dorm. You’ll have more space to move around in an apartment, and you’ll be able to prepare more meals than you would in a dorm. Another benefit of living in an apartment is that you might be able to have a pet. Keep in mind that this can come with an additional deposit and that you’re going to need to clean up after your pet.

Your Best Friend

When you’re missing your family and friends back home, your pet can be your best friend. This is an advantage of living in pet-friendly apartments in Madison, WI, as you’re likely not going to be able to simply hop in the car every other day and visit your family. A pet can provide comfort and can keep you entertained.


When you live in pet-friendly apartments in Madison, WI, you’re going to learn about responsibility. You’ll usually need to pay a deposit to have your pet in the apartment as well as expenses associated with taking your pet to a veterinarian for vaccinations and checkups. Your pet will also need food, toys, and other supplies so that it’s happy and comfortable.

Staying Active

You’re probably going to stay active when you have a pet in college. If you have a dog or a cat, you’re going to need to make sure it gets proper exercise whether that’s by taking it outside or playing indoors. You’ll also get up and down to care for smaller pets that you might have, which can keep you active as well.

Learn more about having a pet in an apartment by contacting Lark at Randall or by visiting their website today.