Finding Fine Student Apartments in Charlotte at a Fair Price

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Student Housing Center

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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a school that prides itself on history and creating a gorgeous future for each of its students. Discovering the right student apartment near campus is hard at first, but following a few rules will help you find the perfect student apartment.

The best way to discover student housing in Charlotte, NC, is through speaking with students and parents already on campus. You can do this by contacting parents whom you know are sending their son/daughter to this school. Find out what is most attractive about the living facility they currently reside in, the possible costs involved, and what makes the living facility stand out among all others.

You can also search online for possible student apartments near UNCC. The first handful of visits found on the search engine will do. You can go through each website and read the reviews and schedule a visit to the facilities that speak to you and your college student. Some housing developments may even allow your son/daughter to stay a night or two in a dorm for free just to experience what life will be like while on campus.

Latitude49 is a gorgeous housing complex offering student housing in Charlotte, NC, for UNCC students. Their apartments are 2-4 bedrooms and come with multiple bathrooms. Each apartment is known for being lavish and having state-of-the-art appliances. There is a gym onsite, as well as a swimming pool. There are also several different study halls on campus. You can contact them here