Military Officers Beach Rentals: Enjoy Vacation Life

Whether you are serving on or off base, you deserve a vacation away from your profession. For many military officers, beach rentals in Norfolk are ideal. They provide the perfect solution for escape.

Beach Rentals

For those living on the base, a cottage does provide a complete escape from base life. If you already live off-base, it still makes perfect sense to rent a beach cottage. This is the ultimate getaway for any officer and his or her family. A home even along the tree-lined streets of Larchmont or Edgewater – the routes closest to Norfolk Naval Station, is still connected to your profession. A beach cottage rental is not.

For military officers, beach rentals offer the chance to enter vacation mode, abandon routine and opt for a less rigorous structure in daily life. It means any number of things are now open for discovery. This includes

• Beach fun

• Sleeping in

• Watching the sun rise and set at any Willoughby Beach

• Visiting local sites

• Going on day trips

• Having a picnic

• Visiting cultural exhibits

• Exploring local historical sites

• Nightclubbing

Escape to a Beach Cottage

Life can be stressful for military officers, beach rentals are one means they can leave the stress of working at Norfolk Naval Station, VA behind. A beach cottage allows everyone to unwind. There is the quiet crash of waves on the beach, the call of seagull overhead and the deep sleep that claims every family member after a day of activities. It recharges and refreshes – what every great vacation should do.

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