Why DePaul University Students Are Happier With Off-Campus Housing

There’s a reason that so many students choose DePaul University off-campus housing over dorm life. The most obvious reason is that off-campus units offer more living space than dorms, and that alone is an important consideration when you’re just starting to explore your independence. Even so, there are a few more reasons to consider off-campus rentals as an option.

Enjoy More Luxury

While luxury is subjective, there’s no denying that the cramped space of a dorm room offers just enough room for the basics. Alternatively, living in an off campus apartment provides you with a softer look that feels more like home. Instead of the brick walls that constantly remind you that you’re in a learning institution, you’ll enjoy plaster walls with a pleasant color tone, complemented by a full kitchen, balcony or patio, and maybe even a fireplace. Your off-campus apartment will have you feeling pampered and give that “at home” feel in very little time.

Get a Taste of City Living

Living in a dorm limits your independence by placing a long list of rules that you wouldn’t have to obey in any other living situation. When you move into DePaul University off-campus housing, you’ll have much more freedom to enjoy the time you spend with friends or romantic partners. You’ll also get to spend time away from the campus, so your senses won’t be overloaded with the learning environment. When you go home, you can relax and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

If you’re looking for DePaul University off-campus housing that offers luxury and convenience, look no further than the Ion Lincoln Park. Visit their website or contact them today for more information.

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