Why All University Students in Chapel Hill Should Rent an Apartment

Students dream of how good it will feel to live in a college dorm only to find out that it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Here is why off-campus apartments are the better choice.

They Are Budget Friendly

Despite financial difficulties or the lack thereof, all students can save a ton by choosing university apartments in Chapel Hill, NC. While dorms are inherently expensive, charging a grip for room, board, and a bunch of other things that students never use, off-campus apartments only charge a set rental cost, giving renters the freedom to spend their cash wherever they see fit.

They Are Spacious

Downsizing is a fact of life when it comes to dorm living as there is usually limited space that is often split with a roommate. University apartments in Chapel Hill, NC, however, are fully equipped with enough room and storage areas to hold all personal belongings and to grant more space to live a comfortable lifestyle.

They Promote Independent Living

The transition from a high school student to a full-time university scholar leaves little to no opportunity to figure out how to make it outside of academia. However, apartment renters have a leg up on adulting because maintaining their own place requires them to have to learn how to cook, clean, manage money, and pay bills.

Enriched with lovely amenities and located within walking distance from the UNC campus, Lark Chapel Hill is the ideal student housing solution to make the college experience just right.

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