Qualifications for Moving into University Student Housing in Baton Rouge

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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When you moved into the dorms on campus, you did not have to meet any significant requirements. As long as you were an enrolled student and had financial aid, parental income or your own savings to pay for your housing costs, you were approved to move into one of the dorm rooms.

However, moving out on your own requires you to meet criteria for renting and occupying an apartment or house. Before you fill out, submit and pay for a rental application, you need to ensure that you satisfy these requirements for living in university student housing in Baton Rouge.

Good Rental References

Most landlords want you to submit several references who can vouch for your rental history. If you live in the dorm, you could get a referral from the university’s department of student housing. You also can list the resident advisors or hall directors who were in charge of your dormitory.

Sufficient Income

Landlords also want you to have enough income to pay the rent on time each month. Your income must be double if not triple the rental price of the apartment. All sources of revenue including your student aid package and wages from your job will be considered.

You can learn more about the requirements for moving into university student housing in Ion Baton Rouge online. Contact Ion Baton Rouge to schedule a tour or fill out an application. You can also go to their website for details.