Keep Your Furry Friends With You While Renting an Apartment

When you have pets, you want to keep them with you if you must move to a new home. Fortunately, there are quite a few apartment complexes that allow pets to stay with their owners if they are responsible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that your furry friends have the same shelter as you.

In the Details

When you contact pet-friendly apartments in Marquette, you need to find out if there are size limits for each animal or if there are any breed restrictions. Some complexes can waive deposits and breed restrictions if you have the proper medical papers to have your pet.

Large Areas

Try to look at smaller complexes as they can usually work with people who have pets a bit more than a larger complex. This is often because there aren’t as many tenants in the community, which leads to fewer pets overall instead of larger communities with pet-friendly apartments in Marquette that could have dozens of pets walking on the property.


When you talk to an apartment manager, be upfront about having a pet. If you show that you’re honest, then it can go a long way with fees and allowing you to keep your furry family member with you instead of finding another home for him. Supply references and medical records so that the manager knows that you’re a responsible owner. Make sure you let the manager know how many pets you’ll have as well instead of sneaking one in the home.

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