Keep Illinois Off-Campus Housing in Prime Condition with These Tips

by | May 13, 2021 | Student Housing Center

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With your busy schedule, you may have missed a few days of cleaning throughout the month. After a while, your student apartment may not appear as glamourous as when you first moved in. Even though spring cleaning seems a bit overwhelming with your current workload, you must get it done. You want to live in a hygienic environment and be able to get your deposit back when you leave. For those reasons and more, you should keep your off-campus housing in prime condition with these spring cleaning tips.

After months of balancing classes, a work schedule, and time with friends, you may have a lot of clutter in your space. Before you get started cleaning, you should clear these objects away, so you will not lose anything important. Throw away the trash and donate other items to a nearby non-profit. DePaul off-campus housing is stylish apartments, and decluttering will help you remember that.

Pace Yourself
When you have a lot to accomplish, you may panic and try to rush through. But, this can cause you to miss crucial areas and end up with a bigger mess than when you started. No matter what your room looks like, continue at a steady pace so you will not get overtired. Be detailed and address every nook and cranny, so you are happy with the look of your DePaul off-campus housing in the end.

Using these tips will allow you to better enjoy your DePaul off-campus housing and the amenities that come with it. Get more tips about student living by contacting Ion Lincoln Park.