How Do Student Housing Facilities Accommodate Your Furry Friends?

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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In the past, bringing pets to your student apartment or dorm room was practically unheard of. Now there are multiple pet friendly apartments by Marquette. But before you pack your bags and lock your cat its carrier, it’s important to know the specifications. When an apartment says they’re “pet friendly,” do they really invite you to bring your cats and dogs along? Or are you forbidden to bring anything bigger than a goldfish?

How Do Student Housing Facilities Accommodate Your Furry Friends?

Fortunately, most student apartments don’t just welcome pets: they actively encourage them. You can bring your favorite cat or dog along to accompany you on your college adventures. Of course, there are exceptions: you probably won’t be able to cram three great danes or pitbulls into your apartment unit. If you talk to a staff member, they can give you more information about the types of animals that they accept.

Many student apartments have special activities and events designed with pet owners in mind. Throughout the year, many student apartments have online contests where you can send in pictures of your pets and potentially win a prize. You can also take advantage of dog walking areas, outdoor activities that invite you to bring pets and other accommodations. Your pet might have more fun here than they do at home. The Lark on 14th website has more information on pet friendly apartments by Marquette University. Get in touch with a staff member to see if you can bring your furry friend along.