Finding an Amazing Deal on Student Apartments in Birmingham, AL

Has anyone told you where to find the best deals on student apartments in Birmingham, AL? If you’re going to UAB and need somewhere to stay, this may be the place. It offers a collection of amenities that’s hard to beat, and you’ll love the aesthetic.

Student Apartments in Birmingham, AL

Rent a room with furnishings in it already, and you can pick from multiple floor plans. If you’re bringing along some friends from home, then try one of the 4-bed options. Or, maybe, you’d rather live in a studio apartment with only one bedroom. Either way, you can find something that suits your tastes here, and it’ll be an amazing experience.

Just Across from Regions Field

You won’t need to travel far if you’d like to head to campus since it’s a short walk across the street. If you want to study in the open, try heading over to Regions Field to see why it’s so popular.

Onsite Fitness and Business Centers

Going to school can be stressful, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to start stress-eating. When you feel like it’s time to relieve some stress, head down to the 24-hour gym and burn off some steam, then sign up for a study session in the business center to find some peace.

Wi-Fi and Water Included

Getting an apartment with Wi-Fi and water included means you’ll never have to guess how much you’ll pay. One more stressor has been crossed off your list.

Alight Birmingham manages off-campus student housing near the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Visit them at their website at to learn more.

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