Avoid These Lease Headaches When Finding Madison off Campus Housing

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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The time a young person attends classes at a university is usually one of the most exciting periods in their life. Not only are they excited about college and making decisions about their future, but it is usually the first time that they are living on their own. Here are a few tips to help young people avoid headaches associated with signing a lease on an apartment.

Many young people have found that it is more beneficial to find UW off campus housing as opposed to living in a small dorm on campus. You will have more space and freedom.

Find out about all of the costs associated with renting an apartment. Ask what the monthly rent payment will look like, ask how much the deposit will be, and ask which utilities will be included with the monthly rent. A few of the services as you should be aware of include lawn maintenance, snow removal, pest control, and repairs. The more questions you ask before signing a lease, the fewer surprises you will have.

When a young person is looking for UW off campus housing, it is not likely that they are thinking about moving out anytime soon. However, it is important to know what requirements must be met in order to terminate the lease. Find out how many months in advance you need to let the landlord know before moving out, find out how much it costs to terminate the lease, and ask about how long it takes to get the security deposit back.

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