3 Tips for Finding Purdue Off-Campus Student Housing in West Lafayette, IN

Finding a student-suited apartment can be tough. It’s not always easy to find an apartment that is close to campus, has affordable rent, and provides you with everything you need. To help make your search easier, this blog post offers insight into what students should look for when searching for student apartments for rent in West Lafayette, IN.

Find a Building With Amenities That Match Your Needs

Don’t forget to consider what’s in the building. Student apartments for rent in West Lafayette, IN area with gyms, pools, and other amenities will be more expensive but many students may still find that they’re worth it. If a gym is important to you, this can be one of your top criteria for finding an apartment. A pool might seem like a luxury when searching for apartments, but often student-friendly buildings will have them.

Look For Buildings Near Public Transportation and Universities

There are many benefits to living near public transportation. Public transportation is a great way for students to explore their city, and with the low cost of most bus passes it’s often more affordable than owning and maintaining a car. Generally speaking, apartments closer to universities will be pricier but they’re usually close by so that can make up for the extra time and money that would be spent commuting to campus.

Check the Reviews of the Apartments to Make Sure They’re What You Want

Most people who are looking for apartments will search on apartment sites but it’s important to use these websites cautiously because they’re not always reliable, and even if the advertisement is real there may be a catch that you don’t know about until too late. The best way to avoid this problem is by checking out reviews of the apartments on various review sites.

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