Key Benefits of Selling to a Local Cash Home Buying Firm

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Real Estate Consultants

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There were more than 5.34 million existing homes sold in the United States in 2018, according to Statista, which is a lot of competition if your own home is up for sale. This is one of the reasons it takes at least two months or more to sell a home. If you’re looking to get your house sold this month, you should try using a cash home buying service. Here’s why.

Get Home Off Market Fast
When you accept a We Buy Houses Belmont offer, it will only take a week or so to complete the sale. This is after an attorney is scheduled and the paperwork is ready. But this is lightning fast compared to waiting several more months to sell your house.

Cash Transaction
In most cases, a cash homebuyer, as the nomenclature suggests, will purchase your house for cash. In return, you’ll receive less than full market value price, but you’ll avoid certain expenses by not having a real estate agent.

Peace Of Mind
No deal is stress-free but We Buy Houses Belmont deals are close. In fact, once you’re familiar with the process, you’ll feel at ease completing the deal. And you can avoid all the busy work associated with more traditional methods of selling real estate.

Avoid Expensive Repairs
Most real estate agents will expect you to repair holes in drywall, loose knobs on kitchen cabinets and even rusty window handles. But cash homebuyers are skilled at fixing up homes and flipping them, so they don’t need you to make repairs.

Forgo House Appraisal
House appraisals will run to hundreds of dollars. Yet because cash homebuyers already know the value of your home, they won’t ask you to get your house appraised.

Guaranteed Sale
Instead of having someone back out at the last moment, your We Buy Houses Belmont deal will always move forward as agreed.