We Buy Houses in Orange County: These Companies Are Legitimate

Companies that claim “We buy houses in Orange County” are investors who purchase properties in almost any condition for cash or check. Most people only know them by the signs they see along the roadways, but they are legitimate and provide many benefits to those who want to sell quickly or don’t want to wait for the money.

Sell Quickly

These house-flipping companies purchase your home as it is right now; they don’t require you to make significant repairs or renovations first because they plan to do the work themselves. These companies have investors who visit each home to appraise it. They don’t pay for an inspection and don’t require you to pay for one. They just visit the house and take note of what issues they see, talk you through it, and give you an offer.

It’s likely to be less than the market value, but all you have to do is agree on the price they’re willing to pay, and you can close much faster, usually within a few days or a week.

Any Reason

Many times, these companies are willing to buy the house from you regardless of condition. It might have been in a fire, or it might have a severe termite infestation. These entrepreneurs don’t care because they’re willing to spend the money to fix the problem. That way, they can put the house on the market later and get more for it. They’re willing to do all the work and wait for a long time if necessary before they find the right buyer.

If you’re looking to sell quickly, you don’t have that same luxury. A real estate agent is going to take their time and make the house look its best before even showing it or listing it, meaning it can take weeks before it’s even on the market where potential buyers can find it.

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