Why Search for a Maryland Real Estate Agent When You Can Make a Phone Call?

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Real Estate

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Homeowners getting ready to sell their houses probably don’t realize just how many real estate agents are out there. You drive all over town talking to real estate agents hoping to find one who will list your house. Then, there are the consultations about staging the house, the tours by potential buyers, open houses, and the agent showing other agents the house.

All of this takes time. You sometimes take time off work to be in the house when the agent shows it. If the real estate agent doesn’t sell the house, then you’re back in the car asking a dozen more agents to list the house. If you’re not throwing up your hands in defeat just yet, may we respectfully suggest an alternative? Consult a we buy ugly houses Maryland representative.

It Only Takes a Phone Call

You can save on gas and time when you pick up the phone to call sell your house fast companies. Sometimes, the representative will be there the day you call to consult with you on the sale of your house. You’ll tell him or her the problems with the residence, why you want to sell, and your price range.

The representative will compare your house to neighboring homes and arrive at a price. If you agree with it all, then closing could be as soon as a week to two weeks later. Your house is sold that easily!

Why It’s So Fast

When you partner with a company that advertises “we buy ugly houses in Maryland,” the representatives will most likely have other resources than traditional lending institutions for the cash to buy your home. These representatives make a phone call of their own, arrange for the check to be made out, and your house is sold.

If a phone call to a cash buyer sounds better to you than driving all over town in search of a real estate agent, then contact CSM Homebuyers LLC or call us at 202-883-5770 today for more information.