Three Things You Avoid With a Cash Buyer

If you are selling your house, you probably want to do it as quickly as possible. There is a good chance you are looking to sell your home because the market is in particularly good condition now. Or maybe you got a new job in a new city and need to get out of your house swiftly. Either way, if you want to sell your house fast in York, PA, we can help you with a cash sale.

A cash sale is different than a traditional home sale because there is no home loan involved for the buyer. They have enough cash on hand to pay for the entire house upfront. This can benefit the seller for a few reasons.

1. No Banks – If you are refraining from using a bank, you avoid all the red tape that goes along with that. There is no loan to apply for or process, meaning you know you are working with a qualified buyer. Sellers also see their funds usually within a couple of days when they sell their home to a cash buyer.

2. No Agents – Real estate agents are a great resource if you want to test the market and play the long game with your sale, but there a few drawbacks you avoid when selling to a cash buyer. The most important is you pay no commission, freeing up just over 7% of your sale price. While cash offers are sometimes lower than what you would get on the market with a traditional sale, this factor alone can more than make up for that.

3. As Is – Cash buyers are agreeing to purchase your home as is, meaning they are waiving any inspections or appraisals other buyers might want you to pay form. This is just another way that purchasing from a cash buyer can help you sell your house fast in York, PA.

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