The Weird and Fascinating History of Estero, Florida Real Estate

by | May 25, 2021 | Real Estate

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Those looking to buy real estate in Estero, Florida are probably unaware of the fascinating history of this highly desirable area. From Native American ceremonial sites to a hollow Earth cult, this little slice of Southwestern Florida is unique.

Located in Estero Bay, Mound Key was the headquarters of the Calusa Empire. This powerful Native American tribe was encountered in the 1500s by the early Spanish explorers. An intriguing Spanish account from 1566 noted that the “king’s house” was big enough for 2,000 people. Even 500 years ago, real estate in Estero Bay was highly prized. You can visit the site of the king’s house at Mound Key Archeological State Park.

In 1894, a fellow named Cyrus Teed, aka Koresh, established a religious community in Estero, at the current site of the Koreshan State Historic Site. The Koreshan community believed in a hollow Earth; the Koreshan hollow Earth theory included the belief that people lived within the Earth, as well as “celestial bodies”. But alas, by 1961, the last remaining members of the Koreshan community deeded their real estate in Estero to the state for a park.

Today, Estero real estate remains highly desirable; the community has excellent schools, good jobs, and a very low crime rate. There is also plenty to do, from the Hertz Arena, fine dining, and golf. Estero always has been, and always will be, a great place to live.

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