The Three Types of Cash Buyers You Will Find When You Sell a Home for Cash In Portland

Are you asking yourself “Should I sell my home for cash in Portland?”. It could be a good idea if you are trying to get rid of your home quickly to get some cash on hand. When you sell a home for cash, there are a few different types of buyers you may come across. Here are three of the most common cash buyers you will come in contact with.

Buy-and-hold buyers

The most common types of cash buyers are buy-and-hold investors. These buyers will buy your home because they project its market value is set to increase shortly. They will then hold on to the property while they wait for the market to improve where they will sell it for a profit. In some cases, they will rent the home out in the meantime.


Other cash buyers will purchase your home because they are looking to flip it. In this case, they will perform basic repairs on the home and then put it back on the market as quickly as possible. The theory is the repairs will increase the home’s value enough to garner a net profit.

Instant buyers

Instant buyers are similar to renovators, except they skip the remodeling process. They use market modeling to make offers on ready-to-sell homes that they can turn around and sell quickly. Because the profit margin on these homes is smaller, these types of cash buyers rely on volume to make money. If you are asking yourself “Should I sell my home for cash in Portland?”, call PDX renovations LLC today to get started.

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