The New Quick, Savvy Way to Sell Inherited House In Toledo.

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Real Estate

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You want to sell home quickly Toledo, but you sure don’t have time for buyers’ visits, open houses or the inevitable ups and downs that home sales entail. Mrs. Property Solutions provides the rapid, straightforward method to sell your house without buyers’ visits, open houses, hidden fees or fine print.

Cash for Your House in Record Time

You can Sell Inherited House Toledo and have a great cash profit faster than it takes to move. That’s a true fact based on previous homeowners who can’t stop raving about Mrs. Property Solutions. The secret is no secret at all: it’s Mrs. Property Solution’s transparent four-step selling method. Here’s how it works.

Fill out a form. Receive a phone call from us at Mrs. Property Solutions. During the initial phone call, we get to know you, your situation and your goals. We also inform you up front how we can help you and what the entire process entails.

If you wish to move forward, we come out to your house for a personal tour. During the tour, we appraise the house and get a little more information from you about the property. We generally make a fair cash offer on the spot, unless we require more time to do some research.

Even if we have to do research, we can usually come up with a fair cash offer in less than two business days.

Sign on the Line, Collect Your Cash

When you accept our offer and sign our purchase contract, we turn the transaction over to a reputable escrow company. The company prepares documents to legally protect each party involved in the transaction. The escrow company also performs a title search on your home for legal purposes.

Providing everything checks out, you can pick your ideal closing date. We can tailor the time frame to suit your needs, constraints or desires. Either way, you’ll have cash in hand sooner than later. Reach out to Home 4 You For more details regarding Property, you can also check website: