Some of the Things Students Should Look For in Student Housing at IUPUI

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Apartment Building

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When a student goes away to college, they will need to obtain some sort of housing. It’s imperative that they choose the right type of housing so that it will best fit their needs. Here are some of the things that students should look for in student housing near IUPUI.

Close Proximity To Campus

It’s not uncommon for a lot of students to not bring any sort of transportation with them when they move away to college. Because of this, they should choose an apartment that’s in close proximity to their campus. It shouldn’t require them to have to walk for more than a few minutes in order to get from their apartment to the campus.

Full Furnishings

A lot of college students don’t want to have to deal with buying things like a couch and bed when they go to college. This is why they should choose student housing at IUPUI that has full furnishings in each apartment.

Secure Entry

Many college students are concerned with their safety. Fortunately, there is student housing available that makes their residents’ safety a top priority. This includes things like utilizing electronic key access and having secure entries. All of these features allow students to feel safe when they are at their apartment.

LUX on Capitol is the perfect choice for students looking for student housing near IUPUI. This complex was built recently, and it’s located only several blocks away from the campus. Visit LUX on Capitol today for more information.