Red Flags to Watch for When Comparing Realtors in Memphis, TN

With numerous Realtors in Memphis TN offering their services, people may feel overwhelmed and simply go with the person with the most recognizable name. It’s best to take time and compare the different professionals, however, to find the right person for the job. What are some red flags individuals need to be aware of as they move through the selection process?

An Unusually High Price

If a Realtor states they can get a price for the home that is much higher than what other properties in the neighborhood are going for, continue searching for an agent. A price that is set too high will turn buyers off and fewer people will come to see the home. The best way to avoid this problem is to get assessments from three agents. If they are close in price, the preferred agent can be selected. If one seems overly high when setting the price, contact another agent to come in and provide the third assessment.

Part-Time Agents

Look to see how many listings an agent currently has. Some individuals go into real estate as a way to earn extra cash. They don’t devote the majority of their time to this endeavor. As a result, they may not be available to show a property when a potential buyer would like to see it or they won’t spend as much time advertising the property to potential buyers. Sellers find this hurts them in the long run. However, buyers also lose out when they choose a part-time agent, as they may miss out on the perfect property simply because the realtor wasn’t closely monitoring new listings.

Low Commissions

Be wary of low commissions. Although a buyer or seller may feel this benefits them, it actually doesn’t. When a low commission is offered, fewer agents will show the property. The only time a lower commission may be negotiated is when the same agent lists and sells the home.

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