Reasons for University Student to Live in an Off-Campus Apartment

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Apartment Building

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It is not mandatory to live at the University Of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG). You can study at the university and live in an UNCG off-campus housing to escape sharing many amenities like it is on campus. Off-campus student housing can be more suitable because of the following.

Convenient location

Investors who build high-standard student apartments know long distances do not suit learners. They put up student housing apartments near the university. They have many rooms. You will get a place within walking distance from the university soon after payment.

Superior features

Off-campus apartments have more and larger facilities than at campus residences. You can stay in your bedroom with a private bathroom. They also have bigger walk-in closets and in-unit laundry. The owners increase aesthetic appeal by including granite countertops and hardwood flooring features. Uninterrupted water and high-speed internet are part of the offers to make you comfortable. You will also enjoy more community amenities than you can find on campus. They include a fitness center, free parking, 24-hour management, free printing, and a pet-friendly area.

Per person contracts

A per person UNCG off-campus housing contract will favor you. You will not add your signature to one lease for all housemates. Instead, you will get your contract for your bedroom. Your responsibility is to only pay for your room. You will not pay extra if one or all of them move out and leave empty bedrooms.

Maintenance and security

An off-campus housing apartment takes the maintenance load off your shoulders. There will be staff to maintain the building and the compound. You will report any faults, and someone will sort out the problem. The apartment management is responsible for security. They install security systems like electronic locks and organize community courtesy patrols on your behalf.

Call for More Details

Fulton Place rents spacious living areas at a prime North Carolina location. The apartment is near campuses and other facilities. Call (336)907-4275 or visit to learn more about the apartments or schedule a tour.