Putting Up Your House for Sale and Getting Quick Cash in Return for It

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Real Estate

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The traditional process of selling your home can be lengthy and tedious. It begins with you hiring a real estate agent to stage and list your house for sale. It ends after you, and the buyer, negotiate a price on which you can both agree.

In many cases, it can take weeks or even months to sell a house. When you do not have that amount of time to wait, however, you may want to sell it to someone who has cash upfront to offer you today. By liquidating it to a company that advertises that we “buy houses in Dixie Hills”, homeowners like you can typically walk away with cash in hand in a matter of days.

Direct Sale

When you sell your home to a business with a slogan of “we buy houses in Dixie Hills”, sellers like you can cut out the proverbial middle man and instead go directly to the source ready to purchase your home. The business may buy the house for less than its appraisal value. Still, you get cash in hand that you can walk away with and use for whatever purpose you choose.

Further, the transaction can be closed in a matter of days without the formalities involved with using a real estate agent’s services. You may avoid having to get the house inspected or appraised before it is sold.

Legal Transaction

If you decide to sell your home through this method, you may wonder if it is fully legal. The business is accredited and licensed to buy and sell homes. Your contract will hold up in a court of law and will not have to be nullified.

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