New York City Condominium Living

If you are considering the purchase of your own home in NYC, it can be challenging to decide whether renting an apartment or purchasing a condominium is the better choice. Although apartment living does not require a commitment, you also never have equity in your home. When you buy any of the NYC condos for sale, you own your own home. There are plenty of benefits to condominium ownership; chief amongst them is the fact they are considerably less costly to maintain.

As the owner of a single-family house, you are fully responsible for all expenses associated with maintenance and upkeep. If the plumbing fails, it is your problem. If the grass needs cutting, it is your problem. This is not the case at 35 Hudson Yards. Condominium developments are responsible for the common infrastructure. You are obliged to pay a monthly management fee to a team of professionals who are responsible for the building and grounds. Condominiums are safe. They have 24-hour security, and the entrance is staffed by a doorman as well as a concierge. Condos offer a host of amenities that few private homes can match. When you purchase a condominium, look forward to having a fully equipped fitness center for exclusive use by owners and their guests. In addition, you can expect a lounge area, a bar, and a recreation area.

The best New York City condos are located in very desirable areas. Expect beautifully planned and executed gardens and plaza, all surrounded by trees. When you own a condo at 35 Hudson Yards, you are living in the heart of an oasis in the city. Just steps away, you will find 14 acres of beautiful parks, a sports complex, and a marina. Jogging trails run for miles. Finally, there are playgrounds for children as well as luxury boutiques and restaurants for adults.

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