Mobility Issues and Rental Homes in Ames: Finding a Place That Has the Right Features

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Real Estate

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People with limited mobility encounter issues with finding Rental Homes in Ames that allow them to enjoy a measure of independence. In order to move the process of finding the right home along, it pays to keep a few essentials in mind. Here are a few questions that will narrow the search and make it possible to find the ideal rental in a shorter amount of time.

Does the Home Include Ramps?

Ramps mounted near the front and back doors are ideal for people who have trouble navigating steps. With them in place, it’s easier for someone who needs to use a cane, walker, or wheelchair to come and go whenever they please. This feature should be considered an essential when it comes to evaluating Rental Homes in Ames.

How Wide are the Door Frames?

Wider door frames come in handy for many people with mobility issues. Wider exterior doors make it all the easier to move in and out of the house when a wheelchair is in use. Inside the home, wider frames make moving from one room to the next less complicated

Does the Bathroom Have the Right Type of Features?

Larger bathrooms provide the space needed to accommodate walkers or to park wheelchairs when the tenant needs to use the facilities. Having space to install bars near the toilet also helps in terms of being able to maintain balance when sitting or rising.

It also helps if the rental home is equipped with a walk-in shower. Since there is no need to lift a leg over a tub in order to enter the space, enjoying a hot shower will be easier. Make sure the shower stall is large enough to accommodate some type of removable seating for those who are not able to stand for longer periods of time.

Finding the right rental home for someone with limited mobility does not have to be a chore. Contact the team at Furman Realty today and discuss the needs with an agent. Doing so makes it possible to focus on available homes that do have the desired features and hasten the process of finding, renting, and moving into a new home.