How To Find The Tallest Buildings in Brooklyn With Views of NYC

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Real Estate

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Brooklyn is one of New York’s most diverse, and popular, neighborhoods. There is nearly just as much to do as living in New York City, but with a more of a community atmosphere. The area has its own unique attractions, and is only a short ride away to some of New York’s best. One thing Brooklyn lacks, however, is the beautiful skyline of NYC. Thankfully, there are a growing number of buildings who can offer that sight, right out of your living room window. Here are a few tips on how to find the tallest buildings in Brooklyn with views of NYC.

A Rental or Real Estate Agent

One of the easiest ways to find the tallest buildings in Brooklyn with views of NYC is to hire a rental or real estate agent. He or she will know the area well, and be in an excellent position to help you find the perfect building, with the perfect view. Agents can save you a ton of time, preventing you from seeing apartments that don’t quite measure up. They may also know of vacancies prior to them being publically advertised or put on the market, helping you to get in your dream building before anyone else even knows it’s available.

The Internet

The internet can be a wonderful tool for finding your new home, or a temporary place to stay. Any reputable building will have a website with floor plans, amentias available, and pictures of the units available for rent or purchase. If the building is one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn with views of NYC, you can be sure that there will be a plethora of pictures on their website showing the beautiful scenery.

Tour The Borough

Another option is to simply wander around the borough, making note of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn with views of NYC. If units are available for rent or purchase, there will likely be signage around the building indicating this. You can also take down the name of the building and the address, and search for the information once you get home or on your smartphone. This helps you to know the neighborhood a bit better, and can give you a sense of what perks there may be of relocating.

Ask Friends and Family

One of the best ways to find a new home is to let your friends and family know you’re looking. They may know people or have ins that you were unaware of before, and can pass information on available units to you. Just be sure to let them know exactly what you’re looking for. This will avoid you wasting your time, and theirs, on low-rises or townhomes.