3 Reasons to Choose Condos Over Houses in Florida

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Real Estate

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If you’re considering condos for sale in Palm Coast, FL but aren’t sure if you’d rather have a condo or a house, you’re not alone. This is a common debate people have with themselves when searching for a new residence. Here are three great reasons that many Florida residents choose condos over single-family houses:

Condos are Typically Less Expensive

The average American house price is now at nearly a quarter of a million dollars. While that does account for many luxury homes that majorly impact the numbers, most communities are seeing house prices that continue to climb ever-higher.

Condo prices are usually significantly cheaper. While the overall American average for condos is still over $200,000, the realistic average is typically $50-$100k less than that. Many singles, couples, and smaller families choose condos for housing as a way to save major cash – without sacrificing the privacy that living independently brings.

Maintenance is a Breeze

For many people, the worst thing about owning a home is maintaining it. If this describes you and your family, consider the perks of living in a condo:

  • Someone else is typically responsible for groundskeeping.
  • When something breaks, you can call someone to fix it.
  • Those repairs are often covered by the fees you pay into your condo reserve fund, meaning you owe little or nothing out of pocket.

For people who truly despise home maintenance and upkeep, living in a condo is like a dream come true

Your Monthly Expenses May be Lower in a Condo Community

When you are buying a condo with financing, your payments will often be lower than they might be when paying for a house in a similar fashion. Likewise, your utilities may be lower and may even be included as part of an overall monthly package cost in some condo communities.

It’s important to note that most condominium communities in the United States and Canada do require residents to be part of a condo association or homeowner’s association. This typically requires participants to pay monthly dues, which can add to your monthly expenses. However, these fees often include maintenance, or might even include utility costs in their total, making them practical additions to your budget. Be sure to talk to your real estate agent about these beforehand and consider all costs carefully before committing to a unit.